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Keep your independence with our Smart Car Service.

Do you need someone to take you to the hairdresser or the dentist? Maybe you fancy going to the Supermar­ket, the local shops or even out to meet friends for a coffee? Perhaps it is simply to take you on an outing to the Botanical Gardens, park or other such location that would simply make you feel good.

Our SMART car and drivers/carers are fully insured and ready to be at your service. All of our drivers are experienced carers, giving you the peace of mind that, whatever your needs, they can help you enjoy your outing.

Simply tell us where you want to go and we will collect and return you to your home or Care Home at a time that suits you. Our SMART car can even carry a wheelchair as well, so this is a great opportunity to get out and about when you want to.

How to access our Smart car services

1. Contact us.

Contact us to register for the service via one of our carers or contact the office via phone or email.

2. We review your application and schedule a visit.

One of our senior carers will contact you to arrange suitable time to visit.

3. Discuss your needs.

The carer will assess your needs and talk over what your expectations are of this service.

4. Book an outing.

Once the registration process and needs assessment is complete, all you will have to do to book an outing is phone the Edinburgh with your preferred date and time. As this service can be in high demand, please ensure that you give us as much notice as possible.