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Choice, control, and flexibility with Self Directed Support

Since the Direct Payment system was introduced in 2003, it has been possible for a person to have a more active part in deciding how to meet their own care needs. Self Directed Support develops the concept of Direct Payments and represents a new approach to the provision of social care.

Self Directed Support (sometimes called SDS) offers you choice, control and flexibility in the way your support meets your needs. You can do this by arranging with your social worker, after a needs assessment, to receive a pay­ment from the local authority towards your care and then choosing your own provider.

The advantage of this approach is that it gives you CHOICES.

Self Directed Support allows you to choose:

  • Who will provide your services
  • When they will provide the services
  • How you want the services provided
  • Which services you would like in order to meet your assessed need.

It’s all about life-style choices.

  • When do you like to eat your breakfast?
  • When do you go to bed?
  • Do you like to go out for a walk in the afternoon?

The principle of Self Directed Support is based on the outcome of improving your life. Having such control over your own affairs comes at remarkably little cost to you, and may not even cost you a penny. The local authority pays you their contribution and you top up any shortfall, to allow you to have much more control over your life. The top up may even be met by other allowances to which you may be entitled, such as Attendance Allowance.

After all, just because you require care does not mean you must relinquish control of your life.

Be independent, choose Self Directed Support and take control of your own life.