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“Can I also say that the carers that attended Mike were absolutely fantastic and a credit to your company. Special mentions to Richard, Tony, Debbie, Lesley Ann and Karen who were probably the most frequent carers. They were wonderful and a great help to both me and Mike. That’s not forgetting all the other carers who attended less frequently but still did a wonderful job. All a credit to your company.”

October 2022

“Thank you so much for your last News Letter explaining the hazards and difficulties you and the team have been experiencing from the very top down to individual carers and their clients. Your summary of this difficult period is masterful, comprehensive and full of common sense. (Ever thought of becoming a Government Minister?). My wife and I wish to thank you and all the team for the work you’ve already done to keep us safe. We hope the situation will settle down to near normality soon but in the meantime, can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done and are continuing to do.”

Dr James A Gray, June 2020

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all your staff who assisted Helena and I with dad since he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in 2018, specifically Daisy and Pamela who were his main helpers in the end. It was very difficult looking after dad with his Alzheimer’s Disease and other ailments, but he was a very good man and deserved the best we could give him and with the assistance of your staff, we gave our very best. We could not have looked after dad at home if it had not been for the fantastic care and assistance the staff from your office gave us, the care package, professionalism and exemplary attitude of all your staff was invaluable. Initially your staff fed him daily and gave him his medication during the week which enabled dad to remain at home where he was the happiest. Latterly, after Helena and I had moved home to care for dad your staff provided a respite care to enable us to go out together four hours a week, and we really looked forward to that! Dad liked all his carers, looked forward to seeing them and was very appreciative of their help, assistance and friendly manner.”

November 2022

Mrs S is very happy with the service and all the carers attending. She thinks the whole team is amazing and has never had a service with such a high standard before. She mentioned that each carer is different, and she enjoys the different conversations she has with them all.

May 2023

“Dear Richard, thank you for your kindness and support given to my Mum over the years and thank you also to Sara and colleagues for managing the excellent provision of care at Lynedoch so efficiently. My Mum was so lucky to have such wonderful carers who offered her tremendous care, great friendship, respect and kindness at all times. She and her carers had a lovely rapport, enjoyed exchanging stories and she felt safe and happy with them. These visits improved Mum’s quality of life, allowing her to be looked after in her own home and keeping some independence, which was very important to her. My Mum always congratulated me on the allocation of her carers! I had to admit that it wasn’t me who did this, but you. She would say, tell Richard “He’s done a good job”. High praise indeed! You have been a constant in my Mum’s time at Lynedoch and been an important part of all of the above. Michael and I appreciate all that you have done and the incredible support given, not only to our Mum, but also to ourselves. Thank you Richard for making a difference. Best wishes to you and your family.

Louise, January 2022